Reynolds number effects on flow over twisted offshore structure with drag reduction and vortex suppression

레이놀즈 수가 와류 감쇠 및 저항 저감형 나선형 해양 구조물 주위 유동에 미치는 영향

  • Received : 2014.10.23
  • Accepted : 2015.02.09
  • Published : 2015.02.28


We investigated the Reynolds number effects on the flow over a twisted offshore structure in the range of 3×103≤ Re ≤ 1 × 104. To analyze the effect of the twisted surface treatment, a large eddy simulation (LES) with a dynamic subgrid model was employed. A simulation of the cylindrical structure was also carried out to compare the results with those of the twisted offshore structure. As Re increased, the mean drag and lift coefficient of the twisted offshore structure increased with the same tendency as those of the cylindrical structure. However, the increases in the mean drag and lift coefficient of the twisted offshore structure were much smaller than those of the cylindrical structure. Furthermore, elongated shear layer and suppressed vortex shedding from the twisted offshore structure occurred compared to those of the cylindrical cylinder, resulting in a drag reduction and suppression of the vortex-induced vibration (VIV). In particular, the twisted offshore structure achieved a significant reduction of over 96% in VIV compared with that of the cylindrical structure, regardless of increasing Re. As a result, we concluded that the twisted offshore structure effectively controlled the flow structures with reductions in the drag and VIV compared with the cylindrical structure, irrespective of increasing Re.


Twisted offshore structure;Vortex induced vibration;Large eddy simulation;drag reduction


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