Proposal Convergence profitable model of mobile games that utilize the mileage system

마일리지 시스템을 활용한 모바일게임의 융복합 수익모델 제안

  • Kim, Tae-Gyu (KwangWoon University, Graduate School of Information & Contents) ;
  • Heo, Tae-In (KwangWoon University, Graduate School of Information & Contents) ;
  • Jeong, Hyung-Won (KwangWoon University, Graduate School of Information & Contents)
  • 김태규 (광운대학교 정보콘텐츠대학원) ;
  • 허태인 (광운대학교 정보콘텐츠대학원) ;
  • 정형원 (광운대학교 정보콘텐츠대학원)
  • Received : 2015.04.29
  • Accepted : 2015.07.20
  • Published : 2015.07.28


Mileage system in some online media, I have a lot of use. In addition, there are a lot of companies that are making money by using the mileage system. A mileage system is the first airline in such a way that the service in the late 1980s, many states now listed sungineung and features. In addition, there are many industries that reported good results using a mileage system used by carriers in other industries. However, mileage of the current game industry has not been introduced, it is not the service by using the concept of point returning to the user is purely a function of mileage. So a lot of developed payment systems in the mobile industry since 2010, proposed a better and more current online payment systems industry has an easy hybrid revenue model for mobile games service convergence mileage using this system.


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