A Study on the Correlation Analysis of EEG and Vibraimage due to Auditory and Olfactory Stimulation

청각 및 후각자극에 의한 뇌파(EEG)와 진동이미지기술의 상관성 분석에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2015.02.09
  • Accepted : 2015.06.11
  • Published : 2015.06.30


EEG has been used to measure the emotion of amenity and discomfort in the interior space. EEG is limited to the experiment, because it is a equipment of contact type. However, Vibraimage can measure the emotion with a web camera. Because Vibraimage is a equipment of non-contact type, it is more suitable for the interior space than EEG. Therefor, it tries to find a correlation variable between EEG and Vibraimage to measure the human emotions. In this study, it were analyzed correlation of EEG and vibraimage due to variation of loudness 60[dB], 90[dB] and rosemary, jasmine scents. Check the health status of subjects who were selected 3 male students, and the period of this experiment was about months. The condition of the environmental test room was in temperature 25[$^{\circ}C$], relative humidity 50[RH%], air current speed 0.02[m/s] and illuminance 1000[lux]. It were analyzed correlation of twenty-three index of EEG(absolute ${\theta}$, relative ${\theta}$, absolute $S{\alpha}$, relative $S{\alpha}$, absolute ${\alpha}$, relative ${\alpha}$, absolute ${\beta}$, relative ${\beta}$, absolute $\gamma$, relative $\gamma$, absolute $F{\alpha}$, relative $F{\alpha}$, absolute SMR, relative SMR, $SMR/{\theta}$, $SMR+M{\beta}/{\theta}$, absolute $H{\beta}$, relative $H{\beta}$, $H{\beta}/{\alpha}$, absolute $M{\beta}$, relative $M{\beta}$, SEF50, ASEF50) and ten index of Vibraimage(Aggression, Stress, Tension/Anxiety, Suspect, Balance, Charm, Energy, Self regulation, Inhibition, Neuroticism). As a result, I was found that relative ${\gamma}$ index of EEG and neuroticism index of Vibraimage have a high correlation as (${\pm}$).414 and (${\pm}$).424.


Correlation;EEG;Vibra image


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