Weekday/weekend Chemical Characteristics of Water-Soluble Components of PM10 at Busan in Springtime

부산지역 봄철 주중/주말의 PM10 중 이온성분의 화학적 조성

  • Jeon, Byung-Il (Department of Environmental Engineering, Silla University)
  • 전병일 (신라대학교 환경공학과)
  • Received : 2015.02.23
  • Accepted : 2015.03.26
  • Published : 2015.06.30


This study investigates weekday/weekend characteristics of $PM_{10}$ concentration and chemical composition of water-soluble ions in Busan in the spring of 2013. Contribution rate of water-soluble ions to PM10 concentration in weekday/weekend were 41.5% and 38.5%, respectively. Contribution rate of SO_4{^{2-}}$ to total ion mass in weekday/weekend were 30.4% and 33.8%, respectively. Contribution rate of total inorganic water-soluble ions in PM10 in weekday/weekend were 42.2% and 39.1% (mean 41.4%), respectively. $[NO_3{^-}/SO_4{^{2-}}]$ ratio in weekday/weekend were 1.01 and 0.97(mean 0.99), respectively, which indicated that weekday ratio was higher. Contribution rate of sea salts and $Cl^-/Na^+$ ratio in PM10 in weekday/weekend were 8.1% and 7.6%, 0.37% and 0.41%, respectively. This research will help understand chemical composition of water-soluble ions during the weekday/weekend and will be able to measure the contribution level of artificial anthropogenic source on urban air.


Weekday/weekend;$PM_{10}$ concentration;Water-soluble ion


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