Characterization of resistance spot welded Al5052/DP590 dissimilar materials and processing optimization

저항점용접된 Al5052/DP590 이종소재의 특성평가 및 공정의 최적화

  • Received : 2015.03.13
  • Accepted : 2015.04.07
  • Published : 2015.04.30


IRW(Inverter Resistance Welding) process and DSW(Delta-spot welding) process for dissimilar materials of DP590 and Al5052 were performed to evaluate the welding quality and mechanical properties. IRW experiment was carried out with changing the welding current. The other welding parameters such as pressure force, weld time, squeezing time and holding time were fixed. On the anther hand, DSW experiment was performed using the process tape at welding current of 11.5kA. The other conditions were same as IRW conditions. The various testes such as shear tensile strength, nugget diameters, EDS, SEM and cross-sectional observation for weld zone was performed. As a result, IMC(Inter Metallic Compound) thickness at 11.5kA was thinner than those of 9.5kA and 10.5kA conditions. In addition, thined IMC layer was observed when high electric current apply to the materials(DP590 and Al5052) in a short time throught dissimilar resistance spot welding controling welding conditions. The relationship between the thickeness of IMC and current intensity was after discussed.


Intermetallic compound;DP590;Al5052;Shearing stress;Weld nugget;Resistance spot welding;Delta-Spot welding


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