Flora and Community Structure of Subtidal Zone in South Jeju, Korea

한국 제주도 남부 조하대의 해조상 및 군집구조

  • Received : 2015.01.21
  • Accepted : 2015.02.10
  • Published : 2015.02.28


This study was carried out to examine the species composition and community structure of benthic marine algae at the subtidal zones of Daepo, Wolpyeong, Wimi and Jigwido in south Jeju, Korea from March to December 2009. Total 87 species including 14 green algae, 23 brown algae, and 50 red algae were collected and identified. Among these species, 9 species were found throughout the year. The dominant species which contributed significantly to the total biomass were Ecklonia cava, Undaria pinnatifida, Peyssonnelia capensis, Cladophora wrightiana, Sargassum serratifolium, Grateloupia angusta, Codium coactum, Plocamium cartilagineum, and Sargassum macrocarpum. The average seaweed biomass was 7,578.2 g wet weight $m^{-2}$ and maximum biomass was recorded seasonally in spring ($9,627.6g\;m^{-2}$), while minimum was recorded in autumn ($5,963.0g\;m^{-2}$), by sites maximum biomass Jigwido ($12,889.9g\;m^{-2}$), while minimum was recorded in Daepo ($5,403.8g\;m^{-2}$). The seasonal and regional flora were investigated as six functional groups. A coarsely branched form was the most dominant functional group constituting from 42.9~52.8% of the total flora. Ecological state group (ESG) II, as an opportunistic species, including sheet form, filamentous form, and coarsely branched form, consisted of 31~59 species, constituting 77.5~84.9%.


Biomass;Cluster analysis;Dominant species;Ecological State Group;Seaweed


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