Manganese Superoxide Dismutase (MnSOD Val-9Ala) Gene Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Gastric Cancer

  • Moradi, Mohammad-Taher (Medical Biology Research Center, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences) ;
  • Yari, Kheirollah (Medical Biology Research Center, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences) ;
  • Rahimi, Zohreh (Medical Biology Research Center, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences) ;
  • Kazemi, Elham (Medical Biology Research Center, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences) ;
  • Shahbazi, Mehrdad (Islamic Azad University of Ahar)
  • Published : 2015.02.25


Background: Oxidative stress caused by the generation of reactive oxygen species plays an important role in human carcinogenesis. Manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) Val-9Ala in the mitochondrial target sequence is the best known polymorphism of this enzyme. The purpose of the current research was to assess the association of MnSOD Val-9Ala genotypes with the risk of gastric cancer. Materials and Methods: This case-control study covered 54 gastric cancer patients compared to 100 cancer free subjects as controls. Extraction of DNA was performed on bioptic samples and genotypes were identified with a polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) method. Results: The frequencies of MnSOD Ala/Ala, Ala/Val and Val/Val genotypes in healthy individuals were 24.3, 66.7 and 9%, respectively. However, in gastric cancer patients, Ala/Ala, Ala/Val and Val/Val were observed in 24.0, 48.0 and 28.0% (p=0.01). In patients the frequency of MnSOD Val allele was higher (52%) compared to that in controls (42%). Conclusions: The results of this study show a positive association between MnSOD Val-9Ala gene polymorphism and risk of gastric cancer disease in Iranian population.


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