Ex vivo Digestion of Milk from Red Chittagong Cattle Focusing Proteolysis and Lipolysis

  • Islam, Mohammad Ashiqul (Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences) ;
  • Ekeberg, Dag (Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences) ;
  • Rukke, Elling-Olav (Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences) ;
  • Vegarud, Gerd Elisabeth (Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
  • Received : 2014.04.11
  • Accepted : 2014.09.04
  • Published : 2015.04.01


Ex vivo digestion of proteins and fat in Red Chittagong Cattle milk from Bangladesh was carried out using human gastrointestinal enzymes. This was done to investigate the protein digestion in this bovine breed's milk with an especial focus on the degradation of the allergenic milk proteins; ${\alpha}_{s1}$-casein and ${\beta}$-lactoglobulin and also to record the generation of peptides. Lipolysis of the milk fat and release of fatty acids were also under consideration. After 40 min of gastric digestion, all the ${\alpha}_s$-caseins were digested completely while ${\beta}$-lactoglobulin remained intact. During 120 min of duodenal digestion ${\beta}$-lactoglobulin was reduced, however, still some intact ${\beta}$-lactoglobulin was observed. The highest number of peptides was identified from ${\beta}$-casein and almost all the peptides from ${\kappa}$-casein and ${\beta}$-lactoglobulin were identified from the gastric and duodenal samples, respectively. No lipolysis was observed in the gastric phase of digestion. After 120 min of duodenal digestion, milk fat showed 48% lipolysis. Medium (C10:0 to C16:0) and long (${\geq}C17:0$) chain fatty acids showed 6% to 19% less lipolysis than the short (C6:0 to C8:0) chain fatty acids. Among the unsaturated fatty acids $C18:1{\sum}others$ showed highest lipolysis (81%) which was more than three times of $C18:2{\sum}all$ and all other unsaturated fatty acids showed lipolysis ranging from 32% to 38%. The overall digestion of Bangladeshi Red Cattle milk was more or less similar to the digestion of Nordic bovine milk (Norwegian Red Cattle).


Gastric Digestion;Duodenal Digestion;${\alpha}_{s1}$-Casein;${\beta}$-Lactoglobulin;Peptide;Fatty Acid


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