Pan Masala Plus Tobacco is Equal to Gutka Square - New Formulation of Tobacco in India after the Gutka Ban

  • Shetty, Pushparaja (Department of Oral Pathology AB Shetty Dental College, Nitte University)
  • Published : 2015.01.22


Tobacco is a well known cause of death worldwide. With existing comprehensive laws and various other measures for tobacco control, the mortality and morbidity due to tobacco usage have unfortunately not been reduced. A large number of tobacco users have altered their pattern of tobacco use after the gutka ban. Traditional gutka is sold in the open market in a pre-mixed format. Manufacturers are supplying pan masala and tobacco in separate pouches as there is no restriction for sale of pan masala and tobacco individually in many states. Although most of the population is aware of the health hazards of tobacco, it is necessary to develop an effective structured strategy. Tobacco control programs need to be strengthened by separate tobacco control measures at various levels.


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