A Study on the Creation of Hybrid Bibliographic Records

국내 하이브리드 서지레코드 생성 방안에 관한 연구

  • 이미화 (공주대학교 사범대학 문헌정보교육과)
  • Received : 2015.10.22
  • Accepted : 2015.11.03
  • Published : 2015.11.30


This study was to suggest the creation of hybrid bibliographic records in complicated bibliographic environment applying both AACR2 and RDA for uniform display and correct search. The literature reviews and case studies were used as the research methods. In case studies, Kent State University, University of Houston as the libraries, and Backstage Library Works as algorithm converting to hybrid records were surveyed. For creating the hybrid records, it was needed to differentiate hybrid records and born RDA records, to keep the data that appeared in 250 tag without spelling out edition data, to maintain 260 tag instead of converting 260 tag to 264 tag, and last to design mapping table for converting GMD to CMC. This study would suggest uniform display and search through hybridization of bibliographic records of foreign resources.


Hybrid Record;Hybridization;RDA Re-catalog;RDA Record Enrichment


Supported by : 공주대학교


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