Development of Abrasive Film Polishing System for Cover-Glass Edge using Multi-Body Dynamics Analysis

다물체 동역학 해석을 이용한 커버글라스 Edge 연마용 Abrasive Film Polishing 시스템 개발

  • Received : 2015.08.31
  • Accepted : 2015.10.08
  • Published : 2015.10.31


In recently, the demand of cover-glass is increased because smart phone, tablet pc, and electrical device has become widely used. The display of mobile device is enlarged, so it is necessary to have a high strength against the external force such as contact or falling. In fabrication process of cover-glass, a grinding process is very important process to obtain high strength of glass. Conventional grinding process using a grinding wheel is caused such as a scratch, chipping, notch, and micro-crack on a surface. In this paper, polishing system using a abrasive film was developed for a grinding of mobile cover-glass. To evaluate structural stability of the designed system, finite element model of the polishing system is generated, and multi-body dynamic analysis of abrasive film polishing machine is proposed. As a result of the analysis, stress and displacement analysis of abrasive film polishing system are performed, and using laser displacement sensor, structural stability of abrasive film polishing system is confirmed by measuring displacement.


Grant : 두께 500㎛이하 디스플레이용 커버글라스의 Edge chipping 최소화를 위한 Film Type Polishing 시스템 개발

Supported by : 중소기업청


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