Influence of silver nanoparticles on the photovoltaic parameters of silicon solar cells

  • Dzhafarov, Tayyar D. (Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) ;
  • Pashaev, Arif M. (National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan Airlines) ;
  • Tagiev, Bahadur G. (National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan Airlines) ;
  • Aslanov, Shakir S. (Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) ;
  • Ragimov, Shirin H. (Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) ;
  • Aliev, Akper A. (National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan Airlines)
  • Received : 2015.06.09
  • Accepted : 2015.11.30
  • Published : 2015.09.25


Influence of Ag nanoparticles on optical and photovoltaic properties of, silicon substrates, silicon solar cells and glass have been investigated. Silver nanoparticles have been fabricated by evaporation of thin Ag layers followed by the thermal annealing. The surface plasmon resonance peak was observed in the absorbance spectrum at 470 nm of glass with deposited silver nanoparticles. It is demonstrated that deposition of silver nanoparticles on silicon substrates was accompanied with a significant decrease in reflectance at the wavelength 360-1100 nm and increase of the absorption at wavelengths close to the band gap for Si substrates. We studied influence of Ag nanoparticles on photovoltaic characteristics of silicon solar cells without and with common use antireflection coating (ARC). It is shown that silver nanoparticles deposited onto the front surface of the solar cells without ARC led to increase in the photocurrent density by 39% comparing to cells without Ag nanoparticles. Contrary to this, solar cells with Ag nanoparticles deposited on front surface with ARC discovered decrease in photocurrent density. The improved performance of investigated cells was attributed to Ag-plasmonic excitations that reduce the reflectance from the silicon surface and ultimately leads to the enhanced light absorption in the cell. This study showed possibility of application of Ag nanoparticles for the improvement of the conversion efficiency of waferbased silicon solar cells instead of usual ARC.


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