Conservation of the Seosanmaaesamjonbulsang (Rock-carved Triad Buddha in Seosan), Korea

서산 용현리 마애여래삼존상의 보존처리

  • Published : 2014.11.30


The Seosanmaaesamjonbulsang (national treasure 84) is carved has a quite developed tectonic line in a precipitous wall of stratified rock to the vertical and horizontal directions. The main buddha and the left part of it have got the biological weathering and the efflorescence has been detected on the shoulder part of the right buddha. It has been caused by the raindrops from upper rock after the dismantling of the protection shelter in 2007. Two proper measures have been taken in order to reduce the weathering and protect it from some damages. The one is removing the contaminant by dry/wet cleaning not to get any damage on the rock. The other is the isolation by the construction of a new waterway used L-30 on the upper part of the rock not to contaminate the surface of Rock-carved triad buddha with the raindrops from upper rock. Moreover, the sunlight for buddha has been increased and good ventilation has been made by cutting down the trees around the Rock-carved triad buddha.