Simulation of undewater irradiance distribution in coastal squid jigging vessel using the LED and metal halide fishing lamp combination

LED와 메탈헬라이드 집어등을 겸용한 연안 오징어채낚기 어선의 수중 방사조도 분포 시뮬레이션

  • Received : 2014.11.11
  • Accepted : 2014.11.26
  • Published : 2014.11.30


This study is aimed to analyze the three-dimensional underwater irradiance using an optical simulation software and to clarify the propriety and operation method under considering luminous intensity distribution of the luring lamp and penetrability in the seawater, when we use the light diffuser type 300W high powered LED and the metal halide lamp (MHL) on a coastal squid jigging vessel in the 10-ton class, simultaneously. For their attenuation characteristics of each wavelength in relation to the sea, LED lamp was to be effective in the 1.9-fold at 50 m depth and 2.1-fold at 80 m for underwater irradiance more than MHL according to the power consumption. In addition, the underwater irradiance distribution using the LED and MHL combination was rather increased even when reducing total power usage up to 20% depending on the simulation with changing the configuration and lighting angle of the lamp. These results can be utilized as an evaluation method of the operation and performance of the LED lamp according to adjusting its arrangement and lighting angle.


LED lamp;Metal halide lamp;Fish luring lamp;Irradiance;Squid jigging vessel


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