Laser Scanning Technology for Ultrasonic Horn Location Compensation to Modify Nano-size Grain

나노계면 형성을 위한 초음파 진동자 위치보정을 위한 레이저 스캐닝 기술

  • Kim, Kyugnhan (Department of Laser & Electron Beam Application, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) ;
  • Lee, Jaehoon (Department of Laser & Electron Beam Application, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) ;
  • Kim, Hyunse (Department of Extreme Thermal System, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) ;
  • Park, Jongkweon (Department of Ultra-Precision Machines and Systems, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) ;
  • Yoon, Kwangho (Department of Laser & Electron Beam Application, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)
  • 김경한 (한국기계연구원 광응용기계연구실) ;
  • 이제훈 (한국기계연구원 광응용기계연구실) ;
  • 김현세 (한국기계연구원 열공정극한기계연구실) ;
  • 박종권 (한국기계연구원 초정밀시스템연구실) ;
  • 윤광호 (한국기계연구원 광응용기계연구실)
  • Received : 2014.10.22
  • Accepted : 2014.11.12
  • Published : 2014.12.01


To compensate location error of ultrasonic horn, the laser scanning system based on the galvanometer scanner is developed. It consists of the 3-Axis linear stage and the 2-Axis galvanometer scanner. To measure surface shape of three-dimensional free form surface, the dynamic focusing unit is adopted, which can maintain consistent focal plane. With combining the linear stage and the galvanometer scanner, the scanning area is enlarged. The scanning CAD system is developed by stage motion teaching and NURBS method. The laser scanning system is tested by marking experiment with the semi-cylindrical sample. Scanning accuracy is investigated by measured laser marked line width with various scanning speed.


Grant : 초음파 진동을 이용한 나노표면개질 공정기술 및 장비개발

Supported by : 산업통산자원부


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