Prostate Biopsy in the Elderly: Histologic Findings and Treatment Necessity

  • Akman, Ramazan Yavuz (Department of Urology, Baskent University, School of Medicine, Istanbul Hospital) ;
  • Koseoglu, Hikmet (Department of Urology, Baskent University, School of Medicine, Istanbul Hospital) ;
  • Oguzulgen, Ahmet Ibrahim (Department of Urology, Baskent University, School of Medicine, Istanbul Hospital) ;
  • Sen, Erhan (Department of Urology, Baskent University, School of Medicine, Istanbul Hospital) ;
  • Yaycioglu, Ozgur (Department of Urology, Baskent University, School of Medicine, Adana Hospital)
  • Published : 2014.11.06


The aim of this study is to determine results of high prostate specific antigen (PSA) or abnormal digital rectal examination driven prostate biopsies performed in our Department in men aged 75 or more and to show the characteristics of pathology results. The hospital records of the patients who had high PSA or abnormal digital rectal examination driven prostate biopsy in two common university based research hospitals have been reviewed retrospectively. Patients aged 75 years or older at the date of biopsy whose records provided pathology results and full medical history were evaluated for the study. A total of 103 patients were evaluated with a mean age of $79.4{\pm}3.4years$. More than half of the patients (55.1%) were in their seventh decade and the rest were in the eighth decade. Median PSA value was 15.0 (range 2.1-4500) ng/ml. In most of the biopsies (67%), PSA levels were lower than 20 ng/ml. In almost half of the patients (48%), digital rectal examination was abnormal. In 68.9% of the patients, there were at least one or more associated co-morbid diseases. Gleason scores were 7 or higher in 73%, and 8 or higher in 37% of the patients with prostate cancer. Four of the 70 (6%) patients had bone metastases. Castrations were applied to most of the patients with prostate adenocarcinoma (%79). High percentage of high grade (Gleason 7 or more) prostate adenocarcinoma in the elderly refutes the perception of prostate cancer in this age group as clinically insignificant. Therefore, it is to be kept in mind that prostate cancer in the elderly an be clinically significant and prostate biopsies are to be performed when necessary.


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