A Study on the Lexicalization of {Geuraegajigo} Based on the Spontaneous Speech Corpus

자유 발화 자료에 나타난 {그래가지고}의 접속 부사화

  • Published : 2014.08.30


The aim of this paper is to study the morphemization of {Geuraegajigo} based on a spontaneous speech corpus. For this purpose, the distributions, the semantic functions, and the intonational phrase pattterns of the connective {Geuraegajigo} have been analyzed based on the corpus. The results are as follow; at first, coalescence that comes with a morphemization process was found, resulting in many variations. Secondly, there are three functions of it: [Direct/Indirect interrelationship], [Enumerate conjunction], and [Discourse marker]. And this semantic/functional diversity has many similarities with conjunctive adverbs. Lastly, intonational phrase patterns of {Geuraegajigo} accord with those of conjunctive adverbs. Especially, the discourse strategic IP pattern is connected with the short variation type. In conclusion, {Geuraegajigo} has finished turning into a conjunctive adverb through morphemization.