Co60 Gamma-Ray Effects on the DAC-7512E 12-Bit Serial Digital to Analog Converter for Space Power Applications

  • Shin, Goo-Hwan
  • Received : 2014.03.16
  • Accepted : 2014.07.08
  • Published : 2014.11.01


The DAC-7512E is a 12-bit digital to analog converter that is low power and a single package with internal buffers. The DAC-7512E takes up minimal PCB area for applications of space power electronics design. The spacecraft mass is a crucial point considering spacecraft launch into space. Therefore, we have performed a TID test for the DAC-7512E 12-bit serial input digital to analog converter to reduce the spacecraft mass by using a low-level Gamma-ray irradiator with $Co^{60}$ gamma-ray sources. The irradiation with $Co^{60}$ gamma-rays was carried out at doses from 0 krad to 100 krad to check the error status of the device in terms of current, voltage and bit error status during conversion. The DAC-7512E 12-bit serial digital to analog converter should work properly from 0 krad to 30 krad without any error.


Space power electronics;Total ionizing dose;Digital to analog converter;Data conversion;$Co^{60}$ gamma-ray


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