Prognostic Value of Preoperative Inflammation-Based Prognostic Scores on Hospital Mortality after Gastric Cancer Surgery

  • Dinc, Tolga (Ankara Numune Teaching Hospital, General Surgery Clinic) ;
  • Yildiz, Baris Dogu (Ankara Numune Teaching Hospital, General Surgery Clinic) ;
  • Kayilioglu, Ilgaz (Ankara Numune Teaching Hospital, General Surgery Clinic) ;
  • Sozen, Isa (Ankara Numune Teaching Hospital, General Surgery Clinic) ;
  • Tez, Mesut (Ankara Numune Teaching Hospital, General Surgery Clinic) ;
  • Coskun, Faruk (Hitit University Faculty of Medicine, Corum Teaching Hospital)
  • Published : 2014.10.11


Gastric cancer is the fourth most common malignancy worldwide. Poor prognosis in gastric cancer is linked with hypoalbuminemia. Previous studies demonstrated relationships between gastric cancer and chronic inflammation. The aim of this study was to assess the prognostic value of preoperative inflammation-based prognostic scores regarding hospital mortality after gastrectomy. Unlike other recent articles on the same topic; we could only verify prognostic value of prognostic nutritional index for in hospital mortality after surgery.


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