Circuit Design of Parallel Power Operation Equipment for Peak Power Reduction

상전원의 피크치 전력 감소를 위한 전력병합장치 회로설계

  • 양재수 (단국대학교) ;
  • 김동한 (경기정보산업협회, 그린에너지융합위원) ;
  • 김만도 (수원과학대학교 전자과)
  • Received : 2014.04.07
  • Accepted : 2014.08.02
  • Published : 2014.09.30


Recent use of electricity during peak hours electricity supply-demand imbalance is inevitable that limit power use force. Therefore, in this paper, a circuit of parallel power operation equipment for peak power reduction which saves the power to electricity storage device during the non-peak power time and supply from the storage power during the expected power shortages time is designed Through this circuitry, the peak power of the commercial power supply with the parallel operation and connection of the commercial power supply and the power supply of the inverter from electricity storage that is a key feature of PRS(Peak power Reduction System) can be controlled. In addition, in order to increase the efficiency, a Transless Power Circuit DC-AC inverter is developed. Moreover, a variable impedance control is applied to the storage of electric power of an Uninterruptible Power Supply associated with a commercial power source.


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