A Study on Production of Broadcasting New Media Style Guide

방송사 뉴미디어 스타일 가이드 제작에 관한 연구

  • 김경윤 (KGIT(한독미디어대학원) 뉴미디어학부) ;
  • 정회경 (KGIT(한독미디어대학원) 뉴미디어학부)
  • Received : 2014.06.12
  • Accepted : 2014.09.20
  • Published : 2014.09.28


N-Screen era is held due to the cloud computing technology which access to contents anytime, anywhere without any persistent. In the broadcast industry, this broadcast contents is rapidly serviced by variety of media devices such as PC, Smart phone, Tablet, App, IPTV. To Increase the usefulness and usability of the platform, same brand identity have to be maintain by devices and integrated guide which can encompass a variety of media are needed. This study tries to figure out the need of New Media Style Guide to keep brand identity in a variety of new media beyond previously Web style guide which limited in the Web pages. First, Integrated Guide GEL of BBC's and Web style guide of KBS was analyzed. Through the analysis it was found that the limitations and problem of the current web style guide and then suggested the improvement direction. In addition, this study tried to find which design elements should be made for new media style guides through in-depth interview with practitioners who work in broadcast media industry for more than three years. Through the research it was understood the current status of integrated brand identity and found a way to improve forward to new media platforms of KBS.


New Media Style Guide;Web Style Guide;Channel Brand Identity;BBC GEL;KBS


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