Value-Sharing in Purchasing and Supply Chain: Microfoundations for CSV

공급 네트워크에서의 공유가치 창출(CSV)

  • 김경묵 (덕성여자대학교 경영학과)
  • Received : 2014.07.17
  • Accepted : 2014.09.11
  • Published : 2014.09.30


In spite of its popularity among practitioner and academic audiences, few existing studies go into any detail in examining the mechanisms of creating shared value (CSV), especially as applicable to the context of everyday operations. Nor do they provide recommendations to practitioners with regard to facilitating CSV concept. In response to this problem, I introduce benefit-sharing practice which I argue provides a solid route to the concept of CSV. Based on observations from the case study, 10 networks' benefit-sharing practices are analyzed and its featured characteristics are extracted accordingly. Findings demonstrate that such benefit-sharing models as 'Green-Development', 'Protection of the Environment', and 'Accreditation for Food Safety Management' can solve critical societal challenges while simultaneously driving greater profitability for both buyers and suppliers. The findings also suggest that benefit-sharing is a good vehicle of the realization of the CSV concept. I conclude by assessing how the findings add to the existing debate around collaborative supply-relationship and shared value. I suggest that benefit-sharing can contribute positively to the feasibility of CSV concept and, thereby, counter the assertion that CSV is the only immature-concept that lacks clear criteria of demarcation and cases for businesses to follow.


Supported by : 덕성여자대학교