Attenuant Effects of Hovenia dulcis Extract on Inflammatory Orifacial Pain in Rats

헛개나무 추출물이 안면염증통증의 경감효과

  • Received : 2014.06.03
  • Accepted : 2014.08.07
  • Published : 2014.08.31


Hovenia dulcis extract (HDE) has positive effects on alcohol degradation, recovery of liver damage and antioxidant activities. This study examined whether HDE exerts an ameliorative effect on inflammatory orifacial pain in an animal algesic model with formalin. The animals (rats) were divided into four groups: group I (control), group II (right facial subcutaneous injection of 5% formalin, inflammatory orifacial pain group), group III (5% formalin + distilled water administration), and group IV injection (5% formalin + 4.5 ml/kg of HDE), respectively. The scores from the scratch and effleurage tests were applied to evaluate the differences between three groups. The expression of p38 MAPK, iNOS and Nrf2 in the brain and medulla oblongata, which are involved in pain regulation, inflammation, antioxidation and nitric oxide production, were analyzed by western blot. The degree of orifacial pain was significantly lower in group IV than in groups I, II and, III. The expression of p38MAPK, iNOS and Nrf2 in the brain and medulla were also lower in group IV than in the other groups. These findings suggested that a Hovenia dulcis extract can attenuate inflammatory orifacial pain by suppressing the expression of p38 MAPK, iNOS and Nrf2.


Hovenia dulcis;iNOS;Nrf2;Orofacial pain;P38 MAPK


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