Torque Ripple Minimization in Direct Torque Control of Brushless DC Motor

  • Li, Zhenguo ;
  • Zhang, Songfa ;
  • Zhou, Shenghai ;
  • Ahn, Jin-Woo
  • Received : 2013.01.16
  • Accepted : 2014.03.13
  • Published : 2014.09.01


This paper mainly proposes a direct torque control strategy to minimize torque ripple in brushless DC (BLDC) motor. BLDC motor has large current and torque ripple when one voltage vector applied in one cycle due to its low inductance. Hence, this paper proposed a hysteresis torque control with PWM mode to control the resultant torque. Moreover, when the direct torque control system is operating during the two-phase half-bridge $120^{\circ}$ conduction mode, large torque ripple in commutation area appears every 120 electrical degree. Based on analyzing the root of torque ripple in detail, lookup tables of switching devices states for new half-bridge modulation mode in the positive and negative reference torque put forwarded. Finally, simulations by MATLAB software and experiment results from DSP are presented to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed strategy operating in four-quadrant operation.


Brushless DC Motor (BLDCM);Direct Torque Control (DTC);Torque ripple minimization;Four-quadrant operation


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