A performance analysis of a DTN routing protocol in the working day movement using a taxi movement model

택시 이동 모델을 사용한 근무일 이동에서 DTN 라우팅 프로토콜의 성능 분석

  • Oh, Sang Yeob (Department of Interactive Media Convergence, Gachon University)
  • 오상엽 (가천대학교 인터랙티브 미디어 융합학과)
  • Received : 2014.03.13
  • Accepted : 2014.06.20
  • Published : 2014.06.28


The working-day movement model, which implemented in the ONE simulator, supports the environments similar to the real life by using the transportation. However, there is no taxi movement model in the working-day movement model. So, we implemented a taxi movement model in the ONE simulator as the previous work. It is changed significantly for the simulation results of routing protocols in the ONE simulator. In this paper, we analyze the performance evaluation of the DTN routing protocol such as an epidemic routing protocol using our taxi movement model in the ONE simulator.


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