Whitening Effect of Fagopyrum tataricum Extract

쓴메밀 추출물의 미백 개선 효과

  • 한나경 ((주)한국화장품제조 기술개발연구소) ;
  • 박창민 ((주)한국화장품제조 기술개발연구소) ;
  • 권주찬 ((주)한국화장품제조 기술개발연구소) ;
  • 정민석 ((주)한국화장품제조 기술개발연구소) ;
  • 최종완 ((주)한국화장품제조 기술개발연구소)
  • Received : 2013.12.27
  • Accepted : 2014.02.27
  • Published : 2014.06.30


This study was performed to DPPH radical scavenging activity, ABTS radical scavenging activity, tyrosinase inhibition activity and intracellular melanin synthesis inhibition to verify the whitening effect of Fagopyrum tataricum (bitter buckwheat) extract as contrasted with Fagopyrum esculentum (sweet buckwheat) extract. F. tataricum extract in consequence showed higher antioxidant activities, tyrosinase inhibition activity and melanin synthesis inhibition compared with F. esculentum extract. We investigated skin bright value during 8 weeks after induction of pigmentation in human skin from UV irradiation. In result, we obtained statistically a significant skin whitening effect from visual and mechanical evaluation. Accordingly, F. tataricum extract is expected to be high availability as functional cosmetic material for skin whitening.


Fagopyrum tataricum;antioxidant;whitening;tyrosinase;melanin


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