Development of Mobile Location Based Service App Using Augmented Reality

증강현실을 활용한 모바일 위치기반 응용서비스 앱 개발

  • Received : 2013.08.20
  • Accepted : 2013.10.01
  • Published : 2014.06.30


Recently, with the popularization of smartphones, augmented reality has become even more familiar to the public as an application that can provide realistic images as a tool for location-based services. Therefore, as a location-based application for smartphones that is appropriate for the application of augmented reality technology, the study develops a golf information system. Golf is the sport for which we should exactly know the accurate shape or distance to the destinations or obstacles, so the sport is suitable for applying the augmented reality technology. Even though the sport of golf has constantly increasing population to play it with the popularization of it, presently released golf-related smartphone apps are established as 2D images or in GPS basis; thus, they lack a sense of realism unfortunately. Thereupon, this study develops a golf information system by modifying and complementing usefully Mixare, the open source for augmented reality, for the sport of golf into an augmented reality-based system that can provide various information according to the actual environment of the golf course and describes how to apply it actually to the golf course.


Augmented Reality(AR);Smart Phone;Location Based Service(LBS);golf


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