A Fundamental Study of a Neo-Grouting Technology for the Decreasing of a Ground Disaster in a High Water Pressure Conditions

고수압 조건에서의 지반재해 저감을 위한 최신 그라우팅 시공관리 기술 기초연구

  • Received : 2014.04.07
  • Accepted : 2014.06.07
  • Published : 2014.06.30


In the high water pressure construction conditions, it is important that the failures and damages occurrence in the neighboring ground and impermeable prevention methods (design and construction) for a inflow of seawater into structures. Grouting construction markets include a subway construction, a railway construction, a mountain tunnel construction, a new & reinforced construction of river & reservoir levee with big budget per every years. but, there are economic loss about design and construction management parts because that management criteria is not accurate but depends on experiences. Even though grouting technology are using vitally in the major constructions of national levels, it is still serious about the low-reliability problems and the no-criteria problems. therefor the purpose of this study is that provides the fundamental research about the neo-grouting technology for the decreasing of ground disaster in a high water pressure conditions.


Grant : 고수압 초장대 해저터널 기술자립을 위한 핵심요소 기술개발

Supported by : 건설교통과학기술진흥원