A Ten-Year Analytical Comparative Study on the International Journal of Consumer Studies

  • Shin, Dongjin (Appenzeller School of Global Business, Pai Chai University)
  • Received : 2014.04.28
  • Accepted : 2014.07.16
  • Published : 2014.07.30


Purpose - This study analyzes topics discussed in the International Journal of Consumer Studies through a content analysis, to reveal the impact of cross-cultural management in consumer research. Research Design, Data, and Methodology - The International Journal of Consumer Studies has the highest impact factor among international consumer journals, and was chosen for research. This study investigated 712 articles, covering a ten-year period. Results - A total of 82 articles were found to be related to cross-cultural management, out of 712 articles. This shows a need for improvement in the area of cross-cultural management, and implies that the discipline of cross-cultural management will continue to have a significant impact on consumer studies. Conclusions - While content analyses have been conducted in the area of consumer research in the past, a comparative content analysis in the International Journal of Consumer Studies is unprecedented. This study offers insights on the comparative analysis of general articles and articles related to cross-cultural management, which will be useful reference points for future global markets and fields in distribution and consumer research.