Method to Prevent the Malfunction Caused by the Transformer Magnetizing Inrush Current using IEC 61850-based IEDs and Dynamic Performance Test using RTDS Test-bed

  • Kang, Hae-Gweon ;
  • Song, Un-Sig ;
  • Kim, Jin-Ho ;
  • Kim, Se-Chang ;
  • Park, Jong-Soo ;
  • Park, Jong-Eun
  • Received : 2014.01.22
  • Accepted : 2014.03.07
  • Published : 2014.05.01


The digital substations are being built based on the IEC 61850 network. The cooperation and protection of power system are becoming more intelligent and reliable in the environment of digital substation. This paper proposes a novel method to prevent the malfunction caused by the Transformer Magnetizing Inrush Current(TMIC) using the IEC 61850 based data sharing between the IEDs. To protect a main transformer, the current differential protection(87T) and over-current protection(50/51) are used generally. The 87T IED applies to the second harmonic blocking method to prevent the malfunction caused by the TMIC. However, the 50/51 IED may malfunction caused by the TMIC. To solve that problem, the proposed method uses a GOOSE inter-lock signal between two IEDs. The 87T IED transmits a blocking GOOSE signal to the 50/51 IED, when the TMIC is detected. The proposed method can make a cooperation of digital substation protection system more intelligent. To verify the performance of proposed method, this paper performs the real time test using the RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) test-bed. Using the RTDS, the power system transients are simulated, and the TMIC is generated. The performance of proposed method is verified in real-time using that actual current signals. The reaction of simulated power system responding to the operation of IEDs can be also confirmed.


IED;IEC 61850;GOOSE;Real Time Digital Simulator(RTDS);Transformer Magnetizing Inrush Current(TMIC);Current differential protection(87T);Over current protection(50/51)


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