Nitrogen Metabolism in Lactating Goats Fed with Diets Containing Different Protein Sources

  • Santos, A.B. (Southwest State University of Bahia) ;
  • Pereira, M.L.A. (Southwest State University of Bahia) ;
  • Silva, H.G.O. (Southwest State University of Bahia) ;
  • Pedreira, M.S. (Southwest State University of Bahia) ;
  • Carvalho, G.G.P. (Federal University of Bahia) ;
  • Ribeiro, L.S.O. (Southwest State University of Bahia) ;
  • Almeida, P.J.P. (Southwest State University of Bahia) ;
  • Pereira, T.C.J. (Southwest State University of Bahia) ;
  • Moreira, J.V. (Southwest State University of Bahia)
  • Received : 2013.06.26
  • Accepted : 2013.12.29
  • Published : 2014.05.01


This study aimed to evaluate urea excretion, nitrogen balance and microbial protein synthesis in lactating goats fed with diets containing different protein sources in the concentrate (soybean meal, cottonseed meal, aerial part of cassava hay and leucaena hay). Four Alpine goats whose mean body weight was $42.6{\pm}6.1kg$ at the beginning of the experiment, a mean lactation period of $94.0{\pm}9.0days$ and a production of $1.7{\pm}0.4kg$ of milk were distributed in a $4{\times}4$ Latin square with four periods of 15 days. Diets were formulated to be isonitrogenous, containing 103.0 g/kg of CP, 400 g/kg of Tifton 85 hay and 600 g/kg of concentrate. Diet containing cottonseed meal provided (p<0.05) increased excretion of urea and urea nitrogen in the urine (g/d and mg/kg of BW) when compared with leucaena hay. The diets affected the concentrations of urea nitrogen in plasma (p<0.05) and excretion of urea nitrogen in milk, being that soybean meal and cottonseed meal showed (p<0.05) higher than the average aerial part of the cassava hay. The use of diets with cottonseed meal as protein source in the concentrate in feeding of lactating goats provides greater nitrogen excretion in urine and negative nitrogen balance, while the concentrate with leucaena hay as a source of protein, provides greater ruminal microbial protein synthesis.


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