UHD 4K end to end broadcast solution over DVB-T2 SFN network using HEVC real time encoding

  • Published : 2014.04.30


With major sports events such as FIFA World Cup and The Olympic Games coming up, UHDTV technology has been given a major push by broadcasters, test and measurement (T&M), and consumer electronics (TV and set-top box) manufacturers. The increase in picture resolution ($3840{\times}2160$) for 4K and ($7680{\times}4320$) for 8K compared to current HDTV ($1920{\times}1080$), as well as the need to deliver these services in higher frame rates (50/60 up to 100/120fps) translate to a big challenge in UHDTV content delivery to households over terrestrial transmission due to higher data rates. DVB-T2 has been favored by many countries across the world as it is proven to give the best spectral efficiency for terrestrial broadcasting. On the other hand MPEG-4 appears to be the bottleneck for UHDTV since a much higher data rate is needed to deliver such services. Therefore HEVC becomes mandatory for UHDTV delivery over DVB-T2. In this paper, we will give an overview about a complete end-to-end solution for UHDTV delivery over DVB-T2 based on a realistic SFN scenario in Seoul metropolitan area.



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