Design of Innovative SMA PR Connections Between Steel Beams and Composite Columns

강재보와 합성기둥에 사용된 새로운 반강접 접합부의 설계

  • Received : 2014.02.24
  • Accepted : 2014.03.14
  • Published : 2014.03.31


This study describes the development of innovative connections between steel beams and concrete-filled tube columns that utilize a combination of low-carbon steel and super-elastic shape memory alloy components. The intent is to combine the recentering behavior provided by the shape memory alloys to reduce building damage and residual drift after a major earthquake with the excellent energy dissipation of the low-carbon steel. The analysis and design of structures requires that simple yet accurate models for the connection behavior be developed. The development of a simplified 2D spring connection model for cyclic loads from advanced 3D FE monotonic studies is described. The implementation of those models into non-linear frame analyses indicates hat the recentering systems will provide substantial benefits for smaller earthquakes and superior performance to all-welded moment frames for large earthquakes.


steel beams;utilize a combination of low-carbon steel;recentering systems


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Supported by : NSF