Statistical Hierarchical Analysis of Children Emotional Intelligence's Effects on Mural Preference, Emotion Cultivation, and Community Connection

  • Received : 2014.03.04
  • Accepted : 2014.03.25
  • Published : 2014.03.30


To explore effects on each the emotional awareness, emotional expression, emotional empathy, and emotional regulation, of the sub-factors of the child's emotional intelligence, to mural preference, emotion cultivation, and community connection, the hierarchical multiple regression analyses are performed(as in Table 1, 2, and 3). As the results, we found the following facts. Children's mural preference, emotion cultivation, and community connection were expressed by the following equations in order, respectively. Mural Preference = $.170{\times}$[Emotional Awareness](t=2.118, $p=.036^*$) - $.025{\times}$[Emotional Expression](t=-.275, p=.783) + $.088{\times}$[Emotional Empathy](t=.938, p=.350) + $.139{\times}$[Emotional Regulation] (t=1.529, p=.128). Mural Emotion Cultivation = $-.021{\times}$[Emotional Awareness](t=-.294, p=.769) - $.205{\times}$[Emotional Expression](t=-2.573, $p=.011^*$) + $.265{\times}$[Emotional Empathy](t=3.156, $p=.002^*$) + $.192{\times}$[Emotional Regulation](t=2.361, $p=.019^*$). Mural Community Connection = $-.001{\times}$[Emotional Awareness](t=-.007, p=.995) - $.132{\times}$[Emotional Expression](t=-1.478, p=.141) + $.172{\times}$[Emotional Empathy](t=1.732, $p=.027^*$) + $.098{\times}$[Emotional Regulation](t=1.072, p=.285).


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