Experimental study of dynamic interaction between group of intake towers and water

  • Wang, Haibo ;
  • Li, Deyu ;
  • Tang, Bihua
  • Received : 2012.10.09
  • Accepted : 2013.11.30
  • Published : 2014.02.25


Dynamic test with scaled model of a group of intake towers was performed to study the dynamic interaction between water and towers. The test model consists of intake tower or towers, massless foundation near the towers and part of water to simulate the dynamic interaction of tower-water-foundation system. Models with a single tower and 4 towers were tested to find the different influences of the water on the tower dynamic properties, seismic responses as well as dynamic water-tower interaction. It is found that the water has little influence on the resonant frequency in the direction perpendicular to flow due to the normal force transfer role of the water in the contraction joints between towers. By the same effect of the water, maximum accelerations in the same direction on 4 towers tend to close to each other as the water level increased from low to normal level. Moreover, the acceleration responses of the single tower model are larger than the group of towers model in both directions in general. Within 30m from the surface of water, hydrodynamic pressures were quite close for a single tower and group of towers model at two water levels. For points deeper than 30m, the pressures increased about 40 to 55% for the group of towers model than the single tower model at both water levels. In respect to the pressures at different towers, two mid towers experienced higher than two side towers, the deeper, the larger the difference. And the inside hydrodynamic pressures are more dependent on ground motions than the outside.


dynamic interaction;intake tower;shaking table test;massless foundation;hydraulic structure


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