The Effects of Functional Pipe on Zelkova serrata Growth in Poorly Drained Planting Ground

배수불량 식재기반에서 기능성파이프 적용이 느티나무 생육에 미치는 영향 분석

  • Kim, Jeong-Ho (Department of Green Technology Convergence, College of Science and Technology, Konkuk University) ;
  • Kim, Eui-Ki (Department of Forest Science, Konkuk University) ;
  • Kim, Won-Tae (Department of Landscape Architecture, Cheonan Yonam College) ;
  • Yoon, Yong-Han (Department of Green Technology Convergence, College of Science and Technology, Konkuk University)
  • 김정호 (건국대학교 과학기술대학 녹색기술융합학과) ;
  • 김의기 (건국대학교 산림과학과 대학원) ;
  • 김원태 (연암대학교 환경조경과) ;
  • 윤용한 (건국대학교 과학기술대학 녹색기술융합학과)
  • Received : 2013.05.28
  • Accepted : 2013.07.20
  • Published : 2014.01.31


In this study, one of the measures for the promotion of the growth of trees planted in poor drainage areas, which functionality pipe supplying oxygen in the soil, and promotes drainage, barren soil and poor drainage areas in planting design was to provide the basic data to compare the impact on the application of functionality pipe. The Zelkova serrata testing materials were selected, planted a total of 12 by three to four individual experiments were conducted. Growth measurements of the items Plot A > Plot C > Plot D > Plot B were excellent in the order of height, number of leaves, leaf width, and chlorophyll content, Plot A > Plot C > Plot D > Plot B was in good order of the growth of the length of the root-collar diameter, Plot C > Plot A > Plot B > Plot D in order rate of variation was good. This has adverse effects on plant growth, poor drainage planting base represents, promote drainage and oxygen supply technique can be applied good to the planting from Zelkova serrata growth based drainage is poor and barren presented as part of research to be done in the future include a means for promoting the growth of plants in soil, the planting design.


Oxygen;Growth;Chorophyll content;Planting design


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