A Study on the Safety and Improvement of Small Theatres in Korea

소규모 공연장 안전실태 및 개선방안에 대한 연구

  • Received : 2014.09.25
  • Accepted : 2014.12.17
  • Published : 2014.12.31


The market of performance arts industry such as concert, musical and opera etc is now expanding in Korea. However, the inadequate safety management in theatres often causes some accidents. The guarantee of safety in theatres is very important since the accidents in theaters can lead to many casualties and serious property damages. In particular, the small theatres which have no obligation of safety inspection by law are very vulnerable to safety mattes. This study has done the research into the improvement of safety in small theaters through the inspection and analysis of their safety status. For the purpose, this study has inspected and analyzed the safety status of small theaters over 120 in the field of theater management and operation, fire protection, electrical facilities, ceiling structure and etc. Moreover, this study had investigated the law and technical standards related to theatre safety. This study shows that the essentials to make sure of the safety in small theaters are (1) the education to improve the sense of security of people who work in theaters (2) the training to strengthen the operating skills of the facilities in theaters (3) the cooperation and support of the related organization such as technical research center, central and local government.


theatre safety;small theatre;failure prediction;theatre facility


Supported by : 한국콘텐츠진흥원


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