Solar Cells - the Energy Source for Earth & the beginning of Space Exploration

태양전지-지구 에너지원이자 우주항해의 시작

  • Published : 2014.12.30


About 170 years has been passed since the concept of photovoltaic has been suggested by French physicist Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel. Now the highest efficiency of solar cell has reached up to 44% by III-V multi-junction solar cells with concentrator. Those multi-junction solar cells are suitable as energy source for spaceships. On the other hand, the cell efficiency of solar cell for electric power generation as energy source for Earth has is going to be saturated although commercial solar cell efficiency is around 20%. In the part 1 of this article, the history of III-V multi-junction solar cells which have been adapted for spaceships is explained and in the part 2, new approach for the improvement of cell efficiency is suggested as the energy source for Earth.



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