Pancreatic Carcinoma, Thrombosis and Mean Platelet Volume: Single Center Experience from the Southeast Region of Turkey

  • Afsar, Cigdem Usul (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Gunaldi, Meral (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Kum, Pinar (Department of Cancer Record Unit, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Sahin, Berksoy (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Erkisi, Melek (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Kara, Ismail Oguz (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Paydas, Semra (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Duman, Berna Bozkurt (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Ercolak, Vehbi (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Karaca, Feryal (Department of Radiation Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Uyeturk, Ummugul (Department of Medical Oncology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital) ;
  • Guner, Sebnem Izmir (Department of Hematology, Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital)
  • Published : 2014.11.28


Background: The aim of this study was to investigate the general characteristics of patients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pancreatic cancer as well as evaluate the relationship between mean platelet volume (MPV), DVT and survival. Materials and Methods: Seventy-seven patients with pancreatic cancer, who were admitted to Cukurova University Medical Faculty, Department of Medical Oncology, were enrolled in the study Results: The mean age was $59{\pm}20$. Forty-nine (63.6%) were men and 28 women (36.4%). Sixty-eight (88.3%) patients had adenocarcinoma and 9 (11.7%) had a malignant epithelial tumor. Thirty-six (46.7%) had liver metastasis at diagnosis. Twenty-six (33.8%) patients were alive, 20 (26%) were dead and in 31 (40.2%) the status was unknown. Only 14 (18.1%) patients had DVT. In 42 (54.5%) patients MPV values were normal, in 28 (36.4%) patients they were above normal, and in 7 (9.1%) patients they were below normal. There was no statistically significant difference between gender, tumour localization, chemotherapy and survival rates (p:0.56, p:0.11, p:0.21). There was no significant difference between DVT, gender, localisation, histological subtype, the presence of metastasis, stage and if the patient had been treated with chemotherapy (p:0.5, p:0.6, p:0.2, p:0.32, p:0.1, p:0.84). There was also no significant difference between MPV and DVT (p:0.57) but there was a significant difference between liver metastasis and DVT (p:0.02). Age, stage, the presence of metastasis and DVT were prognostic in pancreatic cancer patients. Conclusions: Cases of pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis should be studied more carefully as thrombosis is more common in these patients.


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