Application of Laparospic Ultrasonography in Surgery of Small Renal Cell Carcinoma

  • Wang, Xiang-Zhu (Department of Ultrasound, DongZhiMeng Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) ;
  • Yu, Ze-Xing (Department of Ultrasound, ChaoYang Hospital, Capital Medical University) ;
  • Guo, Rui-Jun (Department of Ultrasound, ChaoYang Hospital, Capital Medical University) ;
  • Xing, Nian-Zeng (Department of Urology, Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University)
  • Published : 2014.11.28


Purpose: : To assess the clinic value of application of laparospic ultrasonography (LU) in partial nephrectomy of small renal cell carcinoma. Materials and Methods: From 2007 to 2011, 28 small renal cell carcinoma patients in ou clinic underwent laparoscopic partial nephrectomy with LU. For comparison with preoperative conventional ultrasound and CT, we collected ultrasonic performance of the affected side kidney, renal tumor location, size, echo change, blood supply situation and the relationship with the surrounding tissue. Results: LU could more clearly show the tumor interior structure and blood supply, as well as the relationship with the surrounding tissue. It also can provided doctor assistance with real-time tumor resection, reducing operative complications. Conclusions: LU can clearly show tumor internal structure and blood supply, which is helpful for explicit diagnosis. Moreover, it supplies accurate information for surgeons and assists surgery. Therefore LU has an important guiding value in partial nephrectomy for small renal cell carcinoma.


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