Four New Species of the Genus Hyattella (Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae) from Korea

  • Sim, Chung Ja (Department of Biological Sciences, Hannam University) ;
  • Lee, Kyung Jin (Biological Resources Coordination Division, National Institute of Biological Resources)
  • Received : 2013.12.01
  • Accepted : 2014.01.15
  • Published : 2014.01.31


Four new species of the genus Hyattella (Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae); H. sinchangensis n. sp., H. mara n. sp., H. chuja n. sp. and H. lendenfeldi n. sp., were collected from Jeollanam-do and Jeju-do, Korea. Hyattella sinchangensis n. sp., H. mara n. sp., H. chuja n. sp. and H. grobosa Lendenfeld, 1889 are very similar to each other in some characters. However, Hyattella sinchangensis n. sp. characterized by no special dermal lamella and no tertiary fibres, and more thin secondary fibres than H. globosa. Hyattella mara n. sp. is differs in having well developed dermal lamella, slightly fasciculated primary fibres, and thick tertiary fibres. Hyattella chuja n. sp. differs in surface characters with a slightly elevated part, skeleton with abundant spongine, and very complex meshes. Hyattella lendenfeldi n. sp. is similar to H. tenella (Lendenfeld, 1889) in skeletal structure, thickness of primary and secondary fibres, but differs in growth form.


Supported by : National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR)


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