A Study on the Organization and Contents of "CheongKangEuiGam"

『청강의감』의 구성과 내용

  • Oh, Junho (Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine)
  • Received : 2014.10.31
  • Accepted : 2014.11.20
  • Published : 2014.11.30


The purpose of this study is to investigate the organization and contents of "CheongKangEuiGam" and raise interests in study on Oriental Medicine in the 20th century. Songjae, LeeJongHyeong was a disciple of Cheongkang and published this book in 1984 by organizing the medical theory of Cheongkang, KimYoungHoon who lived in the turbulent period from the late period of Joseon to a chaotic state of Korea after the independence of Korea. Even though it is relatively recently published, it is a very important clinical book as well as historical material to look at the aspects of Oriental Medicine in the 20th century. The book contains several notable medical thoughts. First, you can look at one perspective of the 20th century Oriental Western medical study which is initiated by the introduction of Western Medicine in classification schemes and description of disease symptoms. In addition, he uses medicinal herbs such as Cyperus rotundus L., Pinellia ternate(Thunb.) Breit., Poria cocos Wolf, Angelica gigas Nakai, Cnidium officinale, and Paeonia lactiflora Pall as important items, it is found that qi and blood depressed gallbladder is considered as the main pathology of the disease. In terms of names and meaning of prescriptions, he prefers to use mild medicinal herbs rather than intense medicinal herbs. It seems that he tries to help people's lives with cheap and effective medicinal herbs.


Grant : 고문헌 기반 <한의고전지식DB서비스> 개발

Supported by : 한국한의학연구원


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