Microstructure and Elevated Temperature Strength of W-ZrC Composites with Micrometric and Nanosized ZrC Particles

서로 다른 입자크기의 ZrC가 첨가된 W-ZrC 복합체의 미세구조 및 고온강도에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2014.10.07
  • Accepted : 2014.10.21
  • Published : 2014.12.28


W-10vol.%ZrC composites reinforced by micrometric and nanosized ZrC particles were prepared by hot-pressing of 25 MPa for 2 h at $1900^{\circ}C$. The effect of ZrC particle size on microstructure and mechanical properties at room temperature and elevated temperatures was investigated by X-ray diffraction analysis, scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope observations and the flexural strength test of the W-ZrC composite. Microstructural analysis of the W-ZrC composite revealed that nanosized ZrC particles were homogeneously dispersed in the W matrix inhibiting W grain growth compared to W specimen with micrometric ZrC particle. As a result, its flexural strength was significantly improved. The flexural strength at room temperature for W-ZrC composite using nanosized ZrC particle being 740 MPa increased by around 2 times than that of specimen using micrometric ZrC particle which was 377 MPa. The maximum strength of 935 MPa was tested at $1200^{\circ}C$ on the W composite specimen containing nanosized ZrC particle.


W-ZrC composite;mechanical properties;nano ZrC;hot pressing


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