A Study on Stability Estimation of a Orchard Vehicle using Multi-Body Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis

다물체 동역학 및 유한요소 해석을 통한 과수원용 작업차량 안정성 평가에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2013.06.14
  • Accepted : 2013.09.06
  • Published : 2013.09.30


Because of effective fruit growing and management in the slope land, the use of orchard vehicle with lifting utilities has been increased. For this reason the study on the stability of that vehicle for worker's safety is needed. This study is investigated on the stability estimation of orchard vehicle with four wheels and dual rectangular-type lifting utilities which can be moved on the dirt sloping load. Through the multi-body dynamics analysis on the vehicle mechanism, overturning angles of 19.2 and $34.6^{\circ}$ in the right-left and front-rear direction can be calculated. It is determined tractive resistances and required powers of the wheels. And through the finite element analysis on the frame of lifting utility its maximum von-Mises stress is 146 MPa and it is structural stable. Therefore it is known that the orchard vehicle with wheels and lifting utilities has static and dynamic stability.


Finite Element Analysis;Multi-Body Dynamics;Orchard Vehicle;Stability


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