Study on the Scientific Functional Investigation of Steel Space Truss Structures by using Technology Tree Methodology

기술트리를 이용한 입체트러스 강구조물의 과학적 기능분석 방법론에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2012.01.25
  • Accepted : 2012.12.13
  • Published : 2013.08.27


This study presents a practice of a scientific methodology, i.e., technology tree to describe hierarchies of functions and technologies of research projects. In this study functional developments of a well-known steel space frame truss are dealt with for an application of the technology tree process to execute the maintenance of road tunnels without blocking vehicles. It is verified that established results of technology tree process can be linked to a proof process of revealed functions and component technologies such as reference works and structural analyses. In the future the technology tree methodology can be extendedly used for an effective tool setting up research plans and developing integrated technologies of a specific item such as a steel structure.


technology tree;space truss structure;function;steel structure;proof process;structural analyses


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