A Study on the Effects of Price Discount, Product Review, and Perceived Risk and their Interaction Effects in Social Commerce

소셜 커머스에서 가격할인, 상품후기, 지각된 위험의 영향과 상호작용에 관한 연구

  • 방정혜 (국민대학교 경영대학) ;
  • 진천 (국민대학교 경영대학) ;
  • 김민선 (협성대학교 관광유통경영학부) ;
  • 이은형 (국민대학교 경영대학)
  • Received : 2013.10.14
  • Accepted : 2013.11.09
  • Published : 2013.12.01


Along with the recent development of Social Network Service (SNS), such as Facebook and Twitter, social commerce market is expanding rapidly. As much, understanding consumers' purchase intention in social commerce becomes important. This study attempted to investigate the factors of consumers' purchase intention, and the effects of these determinants(price discount, perceived risk and product review) on consumer's purchasing intension in social commerce networks. Also, the interaction effects between these factors on consumer's purchasing intension were studied. The results showed that the effect of perceived risk on consumer's purchase intention found to be significantly negative. The interaction effect between price discount and perceived risk, and the interaction effect between price discount and review were meaningful on consumers' purchase intention. It indicates that the important factor for consumers to purchase products in social commerce is not just price discount but perceived risk, and that review which consumers think is manipulated has negative effect on purchase intention.