Development of a Mobile Service Application for Assessing the Quality of Food that uses the Information marked on the processed Food Labels

가공식품라벨 표시정보를 활용한 식품 품질 평가 모바일 서비스 앱 개발

  • Received : 2013.07.08
  • Accepted : 2013.08.01
  • Published : 2013.08.31


This research was developing a mobile-based service system through which consumers can collect labeled information on processed foods. This research collected and analyzed the labeled information of processed foods sold on the market and found that they contain abstruse standards for the information of raw nutrients and additives and are not proper for our database. Thus, to offer proper consumer-oriented information, we reclassified the information according to categories such as raw materials, additives, and nutrient information based on the food information standard of the current Food Sanitation Act, and added it to the database. Using this reprocessed information, this study developed an algorithm and applied it to a mobile-based service system, which allows consumers to use information on the labels of processed foods scientifically and clearly.


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