Development of a Needs Based Education Course on the Basics of Radiation

수요 분석 기반 방사선 기초 교육과정 개발

  • Received : 2013.03.08
  • Accepted : 2013.05.27
  • Published : 2013.06.30


With the export of commercial nuclear power plants to UAE and that of a research reactor to Jordan, as well as the additional construction of domestic nuclear power plants, the demand of nuclear manpower is expected to increase sharply. Accordingly, nuclear manpower development is recently becoming an important issue. Major institutes involved in nuclear programs are well equipped with education and training procedures and resources. However, small and medium sized businesses have difficulties to educate their employees due to their limited resources and capacity for the education. Addressing the difficulties, this study is intended to develop and education course in accordance with the "Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)". For this, a survey is conducted on the need of education in small and medium sized businesses, based on which a pilot course on the basics of radiation is developed and operated. An assessment on the development and operation using a survey regarding participants response has shown high grades of performance, i.e. above 4.0 points (full mark: 5.0 points) on each level of expectancy, satisfaction and lecturers' capacity. The experience from this study will be used to develop other programs of nuclear power and ASME code, which are also identified from the need analysis.


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