A Study on the Adoption of Cyclotron Decommissioning Plan Criteria by the Analysis of Domestic Relocation and Abroad Dismantling Practices

국내 사이클로트론 이전 및 해외 해체 사례 분석을 통한 해체 계획 기준 도입 연구

  • Received : 2012.03.06
  • Accepted : 2013.04.26
  • Published : 2013.06.30


There are many reasons for decommissioning of cyclotron such as not only age-related deficiency, any serious wear or damage but also relocation, upgrade and changing mission. Decommission of cyclotron in USA and EU give rise to a lot of low-level radioactive waste and costs. Various research on decommissioning of particle accelerator have been carried to reduce the cost of decommissioning in USA and EU. In USA, the NRC require DFP (Decommissioning Funding Plan) to authorized licenser by 10 CFR Part 30.35. To resolve radioactive waste problem and reduce the estimated cost of cyclotron decommissioning, we should consider technical aspects (decommissioning procedures, decontamination techniques, etc.) and safety aspects(residual radioactivity, the expected dose, etc) for decommissioning. In this study, we analyzed practical information on the decommissioning of cyclotron in ANL (Argonne National Laboratory) and Belgium (EU). And we investigated the experience on the cyclotron relocation from SNUH (Seoul National University Hospital) to SKKU (Sungkyunkwan University). From these results, we provide the basic data for establishing of relevant standards on domestic cyclotron decommissioning. It is necessary to adopt the DFP for safe and economic decommissioning and waste recycling. These result could be utilized for the establishment on the standards and useful requirements.


Grant : 방사선원 안전성 검증 선진기술 개발


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