Increased Migration and Local Invasion Potential of SiHa Cervical Cancer Cells Expressing Aquaporin 8

  • Shi, Yong-Hua (Department of Pathology, Basic Medicine School of Xinjiang Medical University) ;
  • Rehemu, Nijiati (Department of Pathology, Basic Medicine School of Xinjiang Medical University) ;
  • Ma, Hong (Department of Pathology, Basic Medicine School of Xinjiang Medical University) ;
  • Tuokan, Talafu (Department of Pathology, Basic Medicine School of Xinjiang Medical University) ;
  • Chen, Rui (Department of Gynecology, Third Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University) ;
  • Suzuke, Lalai (Department of Pathology, Basic Medicine School of Xinjiang Medical University)
  • 발행 : 2013.03.30


Overexpression of several aquaporins (AQPS) has been reported in different types of human cancer but roles in human carcinogenesis have yet to be clearly defined. Here, we up-regulated expression of the AQP8 gene in SiHa human cervical cancer cells with a lentivirus transfection system and investigated its effects as a potential therapeutic target for cervical cancer. Results showed AQP8 overexpression did not affect their substrate adherence and proliferation, but accelerated migration as assessed by transwell migration and wound healing assays. Moreover, AQP8 overexpression significantly enhanced local invasion of SiHa cells in nude mice. These findings altogether indicate that AQP8 overexpression increases migration of SiHa cells and probably participates in the process of tumor local invasion.


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